Our Company offers many services such as importing diamonds, precious stones, semiprecious and strings of pearls through preferential sales channels and through our contacts.

We guarantee a better quality and a low price for investment diamonds and jewelry. We work with a trusted laboratory, equipped with the latest technologies to create jewels, following the requests of customers.


We can totally customize the jewel you desire, following your dreams with a great quality-price ratio.

Classification and purchase of diamonds

We supply a service of classification and certification of diamonds and colored stones. Our gemologist with 40 years of experience offers a consultancy service for classification, valutation and purchase of your diamond, precious stone or jewel. We use 4 fundamental parameters to classify diamonds known as 4 C: in our office we can give you a first classification and valorization of your diamond through the qualitative observation.

If necessary we can proceed with certification of diamond at the major gemological institutes (IGI, HRD, GIA).
Thus, you'll be certain of the features of your diamond and
you'll be able to protect yourself from possible scams.